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Virtualbox allows you to run a VM for Linux, Windows or anything else.

Getting Shared Folders working

1. Set up a new folder in Windows e.g. C:\vm which will be used to host the shared folder

2. Configure the Guest Folder in the Virtualbox UI through Machine > Settings... > Shared Folders and create: 3. Mount the Guest Additions CD in the Virtualbox UI through Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image...

4. Install the Linux Guest Additions from your Linux terminal (as root):

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt              # or any other mountpoint
cd /mnt

5. You should now have a new system path /media/sf_vm but you won't be able to access it except as root. You need to add your user ID to the vboxsf user group:

usermod -a -G vboxsf jevon
id jevon                       # list groups

6. Finally, you need to restart your SSH session so that the new groups can be picked up.

7. Optionally, create a symlink to the media folder so it's easier to find:

ln -s /media/sf_vm ~/vm

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