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Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is a game development engine that's shiny.
  1. Saving and Loading UE4 Data with Blueprints

Things for me to learn

Things I've tried out=

Making objects move after they stop

The fix that worked for me was:
First, make sure they don't disappear after a few seconds. In the MyProjectile Blueprint's Defaults tab, change Initial Life Span to a larger number, or to 0.0 if you want them to stay forever.

Next, you'll want to make the projectiles physics actors. In the Components tab, select the [ROOT] CollisionComponent and scroll down to the Collision settings in the Details panel. For Collision Presets, choose PhysicsActor.

Lastly, make sure that Simulate Physics is enabled in the Physics settings.

Balls never stop rolling

I found the best fix for this was to edit the blueprint for the FirstPersonProjectile and in the Class Defaults for the CollisionComponent, under Physics:

"VR Preview" is greyed out

If you don't currently have a VR device connected, and/or you haven't installed the Oculus/SteamVR SDKs, you can enable this option by enabling the "SimpleHMD" plugin (through Project Settings) and restarting.

This will allow you to view an emulated VR stereo view.

Show FPS in game

In the console (by default, press tilde ~), type in stat game and/or stat fps.

Change/remove FPS cap from 62 frames per second

This is available in your project settings.
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