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Note: This content is dated back to early 2000, so it's most likely out of date! Last updated: February 2003

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Ever since I was seven years old, I've been playing around with computers. As I am now taking a degree in Software Engineering at Massey University, computers are now a permanent part of my life. At the moment I have two computers:

Computer 1 is a custom-built computer, which I put together myself. It features: Computer 2 used to be a PC Company retail computer, purchased two years ago, which has now become redundant (when I upgraded to the nice little box above!) and is now a personal file server/web server. It features: In the software-based side of things, I like to do software development and web scripting, and also tinkering with the computers themselves. I enjoy software development in Visual Basic and C/C++; but low-level Assembly and even digital logic and machine code interests me. I prefer web scripting in PHP and ASP. I prefer MySQL for database access in PHP.
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